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California Republicans Create Fake Health Care Website

California’s health care exchange website has signed up almost 80,000 uninsured people as of Nov. 19th.

While that's good news for nearly 80,000 people who were previously uninsured, the state's Republican Assembly members apparently don't like it.

According to, California Republicans recently sent out a flier that directs Californians to the wrong website, specifically, a website that opposes the California health care exchange.

The fake website created by California Republicans is

The website claims it is "Helping You Navigate Federal Health Care Changes," but there are no easy ways to sign up for health insurance on the site and it could be mistaken for the real site.

On the "Seniors" page, the site tries to scare older people into believing there won't be enough doctors:

Seniors on Medicare may not see changes immediately to their benefits or coverage. Down the line, however, the erosion and accessibility of care may become a problem.

To pay for other components of the Affordable Care Act such as expanding Medicaid and creating state health exchanges, Medicare providers will see rate cuts nearing $200 billion over the next decade. These cuts could potentially result in the exodus of doctors from the Medicare system and force Medicare recipients to find new providers, possibly facing longer wait times for care as that pool of doctors shrinks.

On the "Young Adults" page, the Republicans try to discourage young people from signing up:

Young adults will end up paying for much of federal health care reform by subsidizing the cost of sicker people, or by paying a tax penalty if they do not obtain health insurance under the provisions of the individual mandate, which requires all Californians to have coverage beginning in 2014.

There also warnings of tax penalties on the "I Don't Have Insurance" page and a handy online calculator that people can add up their supposed penalty.  The "Frequently Asked Questions" page includes more scary warnings about taxes and a lack of doctors.

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