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California Lawmaker Calls for ‘Gun in Every Gun Safe,’ Brags About His Testicles (Video)

Tea Party-backed California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) recently released a campaign commercial featuring himself and conservative singer/actress María Conchita Alonso, accompanied by her dog Tequila.

Donnelly, who is running for Governor of California, says in the ad that he married the “sexiest woman” and wants to put “a gun in every Californian’s gun safe.”

Alonso, who speaks in Spanish during the ad, tells viewers that Donnelly "has big ones" in an apparent reference to his testicles, reports (video below).

The two also debate over whether or not Donnelly’s wife or Alonso is more attractive, and about hunting.

What Donnelly doesn't mention is that he's a founder of the Minuteman in California, an anti-immigrant group that used to watch the borders for illegal aliens, notes

In 2006, Donnelly told Stephen Colbert that he thought about hiring “some illegal aliens” to build a fence along the Mexico-US border and added, “It’s a beautiful day to be a vigilante.”

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