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California Attorney General Candidate Wyman Calls For Execution Of Crooked Politicians

If California Attorney General candidate Phil Wyman has his way, your local corrupt politician will be executed soon.

In a recent interview with CBS Sacramento, Wyman said crooked lawmakers should be executed for all to see in order to send a message that sly politicians won’t be tolerated in this country.

“I want to discourage and teach the new generation about values — that nobody is above the law,” he said.

Wyman’s remark is undoubtedly a dig at Leeland Yee, Democrat, the state senator charged with profiting off an illegal gun-running scheme in the Philippines.

“If they know that it’s gun-running and they know it’s going into a terrorist organization in the Philippines, that person earns the death penalty, and especially if they’re in elected office,” Wyman said during the interview.

Wyman said he’d let the politicians choose how they wanted to go down.

“Firing squad, at least that’s a bit more macho than getting some other cocktail,” he said. “Let that person choose. That person’s been at the pinnacle of power. If he wants to be executed by firing squad, let him.”

If the readers of CBS Sacramento are any indication, a lot of people are on board with Wyman’s idea. In a poll posted on the site, 58 percent of respondents were in favor of execution, saying “Yes, a strong message needs to be sent.”

Another 22 percent of people said “Yes, but only in the most egregious cases.” In case you haven’t already added those numbers up, that’s 80 percent of people saying they favor executing corrupt politicians.

Look out, Mr. Yee. 

Sources: CBS Sacramento, The Libertarian Republic


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