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California Assembly Votes to Ban 'Gay Cure' Therapy for Children, Teens

A proposed law banning the use of controversial restorative therapy that can "cure" gay teens and children was approved by California's Assembly, 51 to 21, reports Reuters.

Conversion therapy is an attempt to change someone from homosexual or bisexual into heterosexual. It is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a legitimate therapy, reports the Daily Mail.

Assembly member Richardo Lara said: "One of our number one priorities in this house is to protect the next generation of Californians,. And some of those are sissy boys. And some of those sissy boys grow up to be Assembly members. And some of those sissy boys need help. And we are here to stand with those sissy boys."

Assembly member John Perez, who is openly gay, added: "It is inappropriate for anyone, including parents, to subject anybody to dehumanizing activity."

The State Senate passed the bill by a vote of 23 to 13 in May, now the bill go to Governor Jerry Brown, who has not indicated his position yet.

Republican opponents of the bill said regulation of the therapy was for medical boards to decide.

Republican Assembly member Shannon Grove said: "That's why parents have children, to hand down their legacies, their belief systems, the way they want their children raised."


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