Families Willing to Foster Undocumented Immigrant Children Can Make Up to $6,000 a Month


A foster family agency in California is promising $6,054 per month to those who sign up for and are approved to foster illegal immigrant children.

Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency (FFA) placed the advertisement in the Murrieta "Penny Saver."

The ad stated that the agency was searching for families to provide homes for both American foster children and “unaccompanied refugee minors.”

The FFA elaborated that “those willing to take in a child under the age of 16 can receive up to $854.00 tax free per month.”

Those taking in a child over the age of 16 will be reimbursed with a total of $1,008.00 per month.

“If you have a 5 bedroom house and can take in as many as 6 children,” the FFA continued. “You can receive reimbursement of up to $6,054.00 per month tax free.”

Those who apply to be foster parents must successfully complete a 45-day approval process, which includes a background check and the passage of four classes.

According to the social services representative, the bill for the illegal immigrant children’s foster parents will be footed by the American taxpayer.

While the monthly payments for families taking in American children are reportedly covered by multiple state and local grants, families taking in the “unaccompanied refugee minors” will be reimbursed entirely by the federal government.

Murrieta resident Cindy Lemos said that she called the foster agency to inquire further about the ad, and was told that none of the illegal immigrant children were under the age of 12.

Lemos added that she asked a male staffer where all the younger children were being placed, only to be told that he was “wondering the exact same thing.”

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Source: Inquisitr, Breitbart

Photo Sources: Inquisitr, Breitbart


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