Caitlyn Jenner May Run For Office (Photos)


TV personality Caitlyn Jenner is expressing a new activist side to herself since coming out as a transgender woman in 2015, and may be considering running for office. 

According to the Daily Mail, the former reality TV celebrity hosted the event, "Imagining Men & Women: Caitlyn Jenner On Transgender Identity And Courage in New York City" on April 25. 

As a headline speaker at the event, Caitlyn opened up about her disappointments with President Donald Trump's administration, and dropped a hint that she may enter politics herself, Just Jared reports. 


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"My loyalties are not with the Republican Party," she said at the event. "My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. I'll come after him and come after Republicans when they start screwing up my community."

"And I got a voice and they'd better listen, because I will come after them. And so, over the next year or two, I would look at where I can be more effective to helping my community." 

Jenner posed for pictures on the red carpet wearing a red pencil skirt with ruffles and a fitted black turtleneck sweater with lace bell sleeves matched with medium black heels. 

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Political activist and trans author Jennifer Finney joined Jenner on the red carpet.

Finney has been an outspoken supporter of the retired champion athlete.

In a February 2015 interview with People magazine, soon after Caityln publicly announced her transition, Finney commented: "I wish Jenner strength and love on this journey, and I hope whatever Jenner goes through not only helps Jenner but all of the rest of us."

Before hosting the "Imagining Men & Women" event, Caitlyn reportedly had lunch with model Andreja Pejic, an acknowledged friend. 

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The two women walked into the Hyatt Hotel separately, Pejic notably carrying a copy of Caitlyn's recently published autobiography, "The Secrets Of My Life," as she walked into the lobby. 

The 25-year-old model from Australia looked well-put together in a pair of black leather pants and black boots, along with a black tee and a trench coat in a shade of beige. 

Defying the depressing weather, the blonde sported a pair of tinted blue cat-eye sunglasses as she promenaded down the street, black handbag in tow, her lips done up in red. 

Alongside her, Caitlyn, 67, tried for an elegant look in a peach-toned sweater dress with lace-up details, completed with a beige-toned leather handbag and matching alligator high heels. 

She wore large hoop earrings and loose locks. 

Pejic and Jenner became friends after first meeting at the "Glamour Women Of The Year Awards" in November 2015, when Caitlyn was given the Woman Of The Year award soon after coming out of the closet. 

The model is also famously trans. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Just Jared / Photo credit: Ludovic Bertron/Flickr/, Allocca/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock via Daily Mail, via Daily Mail

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