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California Prop 14: Bad for All of Us

To all the people who voted yes on 14:

Did you read the prop? Seriously, your are either uninformed, or really stupid! In order to be 'fair' you just cut out all minority parties. Goodbye Green Party, American Independent, and Peace and Freedom, some people don't want you to have a fair chance in the General election.

If you want to vote for a candidate, register for their party!  That's how the rest of us do it. You can't 'not claim' and then try to vote for both sides. That's what the general election is! Actually, we don't need primaries anymore...we should just wait till November and then vote. We'll save the state lots of money, and all you people who are to chickenshit to pick a side can have equal voting rights.

As a Californian, I want to thank you for screwing over our state. I know that the politicans really needed some help, they weren't moving fast enough. Nice to know they could count on you.

For the rest of America:

Please pay attention to what you're voting on. DON'T follow in CA's footsteps. 


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