Bryan Fischer: Poor, Middle Class Should 'Be Kissing The Ground' At One Percent's Feet (Video)


Conservative radio host Bryan Fischer says the poor and the middle class shouldn't be “resentful” of the top one percent of wage earners in America, “they should be kissing the ground on which they walk.”

The director of issue analysis for the Fundamentalist Christian American Family Association was commenting on a Wall Street Journal report discussing whether the nation’s wealthiest people should pay more taxes.

Fischer says the one percent, who control about 17 percent of the nation’s wealth, are responsible for nearly 30 percent “of all federal tax revenue.”

“The top one percent are funding 30 percent of the government,” he said. “So rather than the poor, the low income and the middle class being resentful of these people – they should be kissing the ground on which they walk.”

“Who’s paying for the EBT cards? Who’s paying for food stamps? Who’s paying for the women and infant children program? Who’s paying for subsidized housing? Who’s paying for Medicaid?” he continued. “It is the top one percent.”

"So they ought to be given ticker tape parades once a week in all of our major cities to thank them for funding welfare for everybody,” he concluded.

Fischers comments come the same week a major university study found that a review of U.S. policy since 1981 shows America is not a democracy, but an oligarchy, in which the interests of the wealthiest people and organizations are being put ahead of the voting majority.

Sources: Right Wing WatchWall Street Journal


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