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British Teen Banned from U.S. Because of Obama Email

A British teenager, who called President Obama an obscenity in a drunken email he sent to the White House, is now reportedly banned from the United States for life.

According to a report in the London tabloid The Sun, 17-year-old Luke Angel admitted sending the critical email after watching a TV show about 9/11.

"I don't remember exactly what I wrote as I was drunk. But I think I called Barack Obama a p***k. It was silly - the sort of thing you do when you're a teenager and have had a few."

Well, the FBI -- which said the email was full of threats -- didn't think it was so silly.

It contacted Britain, which dispatched local police to Angel's house. The teen was told the message was "unacceptable." Angel said, "The police came and took my picture and told me I was banned from America forever. I don't really care but my parents aren't very happy."

A police spokesman confirmed the visit. "The individual sent an email to the White House full of abusive and threatening language. We were informed by the Metropolitan Police and went to see him. He said, 'Oh dear, it was me.'"

Joanne Ferreira, of the US Department of Homeland Security, said there are about 60 reasons a person can be barred from the country. As far as Angel, "We are prohibited from discussing specific cases."

But Angel is able to discuss it, and thought the FBI response was "a bit extreme."


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