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Trump First In Recent History Not To Wait For Wife

President Donald Trump did not wait to accompany his wife, Melania, while on his way to greet the Obamas at Inauguration Day, sparking controversy once more.

His predecessors waited for their partners and guided them upstairs, while Trump seems to have broken the tradition for the first time in recent history, the Daily Mail reports.

Footage reveals former President George W. Bush waited for his wife, Laura, before climbing up to the meet the Clintons, as did former President Barack Obama before his first inauguration.

Some wondered if Trump was just too preoccupied to realize he had forgotten his wife.

"Donald Trump might have just been excited to get started," argued Nicola Oakley for The Mirror. "He might have been eager to greet the Obamas and not leave them waiting. Perhaps he thinks Melania is enough of an independent woman and doesn't need him to wait for her?"

Some defended Trump, adding that may just be in his personality.

"In my lifetime, I have known many couples that are very much in love, that never show any affection to their spouse in public," wrote one man on Conservative Daily's Facebook page. "However, in their homes it is completely different. It generally has to do with how they were brought up."

Others called the move disrespectful, arguing it reflects Trump's attitude towards women.

"Why does this matter?" wrote Alexis Kleinman for Mic. "Trump is an infamous womanizer who has boasted about sexually assaulting women and abusing his fame to manipulate them."

Some were so upset, they speculated Trump's behavior towards his wife was the real reason Michelle Obama looked upset -- not because of the Tiffany's present.

His move added to rumors that the Trump marriage is not based on love -- an opinion even some experts ponder.

"Melania is an object to [President Trump]," said Susan Constantine, a body language expert who has worked with government figures. "I don't see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Mirror , Mic and Facebook/Conservative Daily / Photo Credit: Voice of America/Wikimedia Commons 

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