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Brent Kovac Hangs American Flag Upside Down to Protest Obama's Second Inauguration

Brent Kovac, head of the Mon Valley Republican Committee in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, expressed his anger over President Obama‘s second inauguration by hanging an American flag upside down during the inauguration ceremony yesterday, reports WPIX-TV.

An upside down flag usually indicates distress by U.S. soldiers during war.  It was placed by Kovac outside a local Republican meeting spot.

Kovac told WPIX-TV that he does not “regret it at all” because “our nation is in a horrible place.”

“I think some people that didn’t know why the flag was flying upside down might find out, and some people that didn’t agree with it might’ve talked to some people who agreed with it."

Kovac said he's so disappointed with the country's direction that he felt he needed to send the one-day message, but he removed the flag at sundown.

WPIX-TV spoke with many people who saw the flag, and many of them said they didn’t believe the statement was appropriate.

Since Obama was re-elected in November, upside down flags have been hung by far-right tea party supporters. Others have used empty chairs, popularized by Clint Eastwood’s bizarre Republican National Convention speech.


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