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Breitbart Writer, Fox News Correspondents Fabricate Benghazi Story Out Of Thin Air

Some news outlets will do anything for a story. In their never-ending quest to rile up their conservative reader base, is trying to imply that the New York Times had information during the Benghazi embassy attack that it could have used to prevent the death of US ambassador Chris Stevens.

The misleading story stems from a line in an extensive story on the attack written by New York Times writes David Kirkpatrick. In his story, Kirkpatrick writes that “A Libyan journalist working for The New York Times was blocked from entering by the sentries outside, and he learned of the [anti-Muhammed] film from the fighters who stopped him.”

Kirpatrick restated this in a recent tweet when he said the Times had “a reporter on the scene talking to the attackers during the attack.”

An honest thinking person would probably take this information and say yes, the Times had a correspondent on scene amongst the hordes of attackers and protestors during the Benghazi embassy attack. This reporter probably spoke to several people out of the hundreds on who were attacking the embassy. So what? US officials were well aware of what was going on during the attack. If this reporter does know anything otherwise unknown about the attack, I guarantee you he/she has been contacted by US intelligence officials.

But, of course, that doesn’t make for a very good story. So Breitbart writer Tony Lee decided to stir his readers into a frenzy by re-posting tweets from Fox News Contributor Richard Grenell that try to paint the New York Times as possibly working against the US government during the attack. Grenell’s following three tweets are a sad and shameless attempt to fabricate a dishonest story out of nothing:

“NYT reporter says NYT knows who Benghazi attackers are”

“Was the @nytimes reporter supposedly in #Benghazi witnessing the murder of Amb. Stevens an American?”

“Did the @nytimes supposedly in #Benghazi have a SAT phone? Did he call for help for Amb. Stevens & Sean Smith?”

Come on, Breitbart and friends. It’s really hard to inform people about what’s happening in the world when there are news outlets choosing to engage in high school cafeteria-style gossip instead of real reporting.

Sources: Breitbart, New York Times


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