Wisconsin Workers Not Giving Up After Budget Vote


Breaking News: With their approval ratings in a free fall and Democrats standing firm, Wisconsin Senate Republicans used a hastily called conference committee this evening to rig a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to eliminate public employee collective bargaining from the budget bill. The committee then sent the bill immediately to full Senate, which advanced the measure 18-1 with no debate. None of the 14 Senate Democrats were present.

There are 15,000 peoplke at the state capitol now protesting the vote and we encourage as many of you who are in Madison to go there and add your voice.    

The Democratic senators have been in Illinois since Feb. 17, denying a quorum to consider the budget bill. Their dteremination forced the Republicans to show their true intentions: to deprive hard-working men and women of the freedom toi join a union.

The Senate needs 20 members to pass spending measures,  but Republicans hold just 19 seats. Republicans would not need any Democrats to be present to pass the collective bargaining changes as a stand alone bill because it is not fiscal in nature.

The struggle is not over. Working people are mobilizing and working on recall efforts to change the Wisconsin state Senate and have alreaedy had great success.


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