Breaking News: Anthony Weiner Resigns from Congress


New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has succumbed to the pressure and resigned from Congress on Thursday amid his "sexting" scandal.

Speaking at the same senior center in Brooklyn at which he launched his political career some two decades ago, Weiner announced that he is stepping down from the House seat he has held for more than 13 years. He once again apologized for "the embarrassment that I have caused," especially to his wife.

Weiner previously resisted resigning, saying it was up to his constituents to decide to vote him out. Many New Yorkers still supported him; in fact, when he said the words "I am resigning," there was an audible groan from the non-media members of the audience.

There was also a heckler -- the same man who heckled him during his news conference last week.

Weiner spoke for about four minutes and did not take any questions.

Video to come...


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