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Brady Pac-Illinois Meets "Top Goal": Anti-Gun Control Sen. Loses

The Brady PAC – Illinois scored a major victory yesterday when Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins defeated State Sen. Annazette Collins 54 percent to 46 percent in the Democratic primary for Senate District 5.  Sen. Collins’ defeat was a top goal of the Brady PAC.

Sen. Collins voted against the Brady Campaign’s priorities, including against legislation to require background checks on all handgun buyers in the state. The Brady PAC – Illinois endorsed Ms. Van Pelt-Watkins for her commitment to passing strong gun laws.

“This is a great victory for Chicagoans and the constituents of Senate District 5,” said Daniel Gross, President of the Brady Campaign. “It demonstrates that candidates can challenge the dangerous mindset of the gun lobby and win with a positive message of safer communities.”

The Brady PAC sent out 9,200 mail pieces educating voters on Collins’ voting record.  In addition, a resident of Senate District 5 who lost two husbands to gunfire, recorded automated “robo” calls to 7,500 registered voters on Monday urging them to vote for Ms. Van Pelt- Watkins.

“This victory also highlights the power of gun violence victims when they speak up for strong gun laws. We look forward to working with Ms. Van Pelt-Watkins who will amplify the voices of victims of gun violence in demanding safety in Chicago and throughout the state. This victory puts us one step closer to passing stronger gun laws in Illinois.”

The Brady PAC – Illinois will make endorsements and evaluate races for the general election.


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