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Boxer Manny Pacquiao Sworn in as Congressman in Philippines

In the United States, athletes become politicians all the time. Just look at Jack Kemp, J.C. Watts, Jesse Ventura (okay, he was athletic but his sport wasn't exactly real) and Bill Bradley.

But Manny Pacquiao, who trains out of Hollywood, Calif., is doing something altogether different in the Philippines.

Known as Pac-man to his beloved countrymen, Pacquiao is officially now a congressman from Sarangani Province, where his wife grew up. He was sworn in today before a crowd of 1,000 Filipinos in the Philipppines' House of Representatives.

The twist here is that while American athletes wait until retirement before becoming civil servants, Pacquaio is still in his prime. In fact, he is often considered the best "pound-for-pound" boxer on the planet. Floyd Mayweather Jr. -- who has never lost -- would dispute that label, but until the two hook up in the ring, Pacquaio may retain that unofficial title.

So while the powers that be try to negotiate a fight contract between both men (there have been hold ups caused over blood testing leading up to the fight), Pacquaio now has another job. He says he'll focus on the Philippines's deep-rooted poverty.


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