Boston Sgt. Who Released Photos of Tsarnaev Put on Restrictive Duty


As public outcry continues over Rolling Stone’s not-yet-released cover, reactions continue to develop. Sgt. Sean Murphey, a Massachusetts State Police veteran who released arrest photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev without permission, has been put on restrictive duty.

A three person panel held earlier today at the department headquarters in Framingham, MA., ruled to put Sgt. Murphey on restrictive duty as well as a one day unpaid suspension.  

The photos released by Murphey in response to the glamorous Rolling Stone cover, revealed Tsarnaev, bleeding, tired, and disheveled as he surrenders to authorities.

Discussion in the media suggests that the public has not made up its mind over the Rolling Stone cover. Murphey alleges that the magazine made Tsarnaev look glamorous. Others have pointed out they did not take that shot; it was posted by Tsarnaev himself. Many are concerned that Rolling Stone is equating Tsarnaev with the likeness of the other celebrities often seen on their covers. Some support the humanizing of Tsarnaev to better understand how seemingly normal people can do horrible things. Finally, some worry that coverage like this galvanizes martyrs seeking attention for a cause.

Sgt. Murphey, however, has remained silent since releasing the photos in Boston Magazine last week. Meanwhile, a petition has been circulating, calling on Rolling Stone to donate profits from its latest issue to survivors of the bombing. The petition has already gained more than 25,000 signatures in support.

Sources: Fox News


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