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Boston Radio Station To Pull The Plug On Rush Limbaugh's Show

Controversial conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh will no longer be heard on Boston’s WRKO radio station in the coming future.

The Rush Limbaugh Show’s syndicator, Premiere Networks, could not come to an agreement with the Massachusetts radio station and so the show will be dropped, reports.

“We were unable to reach agreeable terms for The Rush Limbaugh Show to continue on WRKO," Premiere Networks said in a statement. "A final broadcast date will be announced in the near future. Rush Limbaugh airs daily in every measured media market in America, and we look forward to announcing exciting news for our Boston listeners soon."

After Limbaugh’s now infamous comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, his program, along with many others, have failed to attract the lucrative advertisers that previously purchased airtime on the popular programs. In February 2012, Limbaugh called Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" after she testified to Congress that the university should provide insurance coverage for contraceptives, The Wall Street Journal reported.

WRKO is home to many prominent conservative voices in the radio industry, including Mark Levin, Jeff Kuhner and Howie Carr, Mediaite reported.

Limbaugh’s program was also recently dropped by an Indianapolis radio station, WIBC. Although Premier Networks charges national radio stations a high fee for its more popular programs, officials say the move was not a financial matter.

“It’s not an inexpensive show to air, so there is a business element to the decision. But this has more to do with the long-term direction of the station,” Charlie Morgan, WIBC’s local market manager, said about the decision.

“We began to discuss how we plan for long-term dominance in this format, and that’s what led us to this result,” he added.

Many Limbaugh critics, specifically Democrats, have lambasted the outspoken radio show host for years and, more recently, joked about his declining ratings and numerous cancellations from popular radio stations around the country. According to a 2008 article from the New York Times, Limbaugh’s program has been the most-listened-to talk radio show since 1991 and still continues to hold that title today, with over 20 million listeners per week.

Sources: Mediaite,, The New York Times

Photo Credit: Twitter - @RushLimbaugh


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