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Boston Bombing Cospiracy Theorist Rep. Stella Tremblay Resigns

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New Hampshire state representative and conspiracy theorist, Stella Tremblay, abruptly resigned Thursday after trying to convince colleagues that the Boston bombing was a Black Ops terrorist attack.

As noted by Salon, Tremblay sent a letter of resignation to the Speaker of the House and also called for strange requests like the end of direct elections for U.S. senators and stripping lawyers of their citizenship.

Tremblay acknowledged that her resignation would be a relief for both parties but promised to continue her investigation into the bombing as a government operation.

She also took an opportunity to apologize to Rep. Steve Vaillancourt for not supporting his Nazi salute on the House floor, regretting that his radicalism had not been praised in defiance of the House.

This is not the first time Tremblay has voiced radical opinions. In 2012, she sent an email to every member of the legislature claiming that Obama was not born in the United States.

Tremblay also maintains that a secret 13th amendment was added to the constitution that no one knows about.

The New Hampshire Republican Party has disowned her for her outrageous opinions.

Sources: Salon, The Huffington Post


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