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Bono’s Impression of Bill Clinton is Spot-On (Video)

There are a lot of people out there who can do a good Bill Clinton impression. At least two Saturday Night Live personalities made a solid living off that during his presidency.

Between his Arkansas drawl and his innate charm, Bubba has become something of a favorite amongst impersonators.

That being said, there is something a little special about celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities. That’s why you’ll be hearing about the video below for the next 24 hours or so.

On Tuesday, Bill Clinton was a little late to his event at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York. As Bono waited for the former POTUS to arrive, he delighted the crowd with a Clinton impersonation that was absolutely spot-on.

"When I first met Bono, he walked into the Oval Office and I actually thought he was a member of his own road crew,” the U2 frontman said. “He wasn't dressed right. Actually, I felt like the rock star on that occasion.”

You can check the whole thing out in the video below.


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