Bobby Jindal’s Book Inspires 3 Potential Titles for 2011

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s new book, “Leadership and Crisis,” highlights the Obama administration’s failure to consider the unintended consequences of its policies.

When the governor went to D.C. to question the economic wisdom of the moratorium, the president brushed him off. Now, 6 months, 20,000 jobs, a billion lost wages, and over 60 lost congressional seats later, the president may rue the day he dismissed Louisiana’s concerns.

Inspired by Jindal’s literary venture, here are a few other title spinoffs we hope to see on bookshelves soon:

·         “If We Did It”: No, not “The Juice’s” controversial book, but a similar first person recollection from the U.S. Department of the Interior in the days leading up to and following its dismemberment of the Gulf economy through a six-month offshore drilling ban. This “hypothetical” account of Washington’s response to the BP disaster would be chocked full of missteps and outright deception -- including climate czar Carol Browner’s falsification of reports to provide a solid alibi and the administration’s underreporting economic fallout to a criminally insane 7,500 to 11,500 jobs below actual figures.

·         “A Million Little Pipe Dreams” — Another shoo-in for the Oprah Book Club, this memoir would detail the tragic tale of President Obama’s ‘green’ jobs promises which were supposed to answer America’s economic and energy needs. After initially garnering the support and praise of the nation, conflicting accounts would come to light, outing this aberration as more fiction than fact. After running through nearly $117 billion of Uncle Sam’s tax dollars on this ‘green’ addiction since the Carter administration, a disappointed America could only groan and say ‘what if.’ After 30 years, this ‘pipe dream’ has been able to account for only a mere seven percent of the nation’s energy needs, shattering our hopes into a million little pieces.

·         “Rome-y-oil and Enviro-liet” – Not your classic Shakespeare love story, you won’t find any Montagues or Capulets here. This tale of an unwarranted vendetta pits the administration and its allies firmly against America’s oil and gas companies which provide their ‘castle’ with energy security and an affordable domestic supply. In this ultimate unfolding of what could have been, a nation seeking energy independence tries to kill the only viable path to its goal with the dagger of large, suffocating tax increases. After realizing solar and wind alternatives cannot satisfy the nation’s undying love of lights, heated houses, and cheap transportation fuel, the administration can only admit it has committed political suicide by not cultivating all options.

The book is far from closed when it comes to America’s energy future. The White House’s deaf ear to the public’s legitimate cry for jobs and economic recovery has led to a sweeping political change in the recent mid-term elections. Hopefully the president and his allies will get the message and pursue energy policies which help grow our economy, provide long-term private sector jobs, and do so without costing taxpayers a fortune.

Allowing access to vast natural gas supplies, as well as the countries plentiful offshore resources can set America on the right path to increased energy independence while we cultivate new, reduced carbon technologies. If this fails to occur, the adjusted title of James Fennimore Coopers’ classic tale of a dying Native American tribe may best describe the nation’s political scene: Last of the Tax-And Spenders.


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