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Bobby Jindal Calls For Immigrants To Assimilate (Video)

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana made appearances on both ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’ “Face of the Nation” on Aug. 30, speaking on the issue of immigration. The presidential candidate said he believes the U.S. should encourage immigrants to adopt its values (video below).

Jindal, a first-generation American born to Indian parents, spoke on reforming the U.S. immigration system, describing the current model as defunct.

“When it comes to immigration policy, what I’ve experienced and seen is that a smart immigration policy makes our country stronger; a dumb one makes us weaker,” Jindal said. “We’ve got a dumb one today.” 

Immigration reform has been a dominant topic of conversation in the Republican primary. Current front-runner Donald Trump has made it the centerpiece of his campaign; he has proposed building a wall to secure the U.S. border with Mexico and called for mass deportation.

Another Republican hopeful, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, took the plans for building a wall a step further and floated the possibility of building an additional wall along the border with Canada.

But Jindal insists the U.S. must apply pressure on immigrants to become more Americanized.

“Yes, we need to secure our border,” Jindal said. “Stop talking about it. I think we need to insist that folks who come here come here legally, learn English, adopt our values, roll up our sleeves and get to work.” 

When pressed by “This Week” host Martha Raddatz on what the difference was between immigrant and American values, Jindal compared the situation to Europe, claiming that it has third-generation immigrants who “don’t consider themselves part of those societies, those cultures.” 

“I think we need to move away from hyphenated Americans,” Jindal continued. “We’re not African-Americans or Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, rich or poor Americans: We’re all Americans."

Jindal repeated his stance on CBS, affirming his belief that the U.S. is a melting pot. He declined to discuss his plans for what to do with immigrants who are in the country illegally.

“My parents are proud of their Indian heritage, but they came here to be Americans and they love this country,” Jindal said. "They wanted to raise their children as Americans.” 

Jindal told both ABC and CBS that “immigration without integration is not immigration; it’s invasion.” 

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Photo credit: GageSkidmore/Flickr, dsb nola/Wikipedia CC


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