Bob Dole Bashes Republicans and Obama During Interview with Fox News (Video)

Former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this week, and the 89-year-old didn’t pull any punches. When it came to delving into what was making D.C. so ineffective these days, how at fault his party was for legislative gridlock and President Obama’s flaws as a leader, Dole made it clear that everyone has played a part in making America’s political system as dysfunctional as it currently is.

Wallace began the interview by asking Dole how he felt about the GOP, as it’s presently constructed.

“I think they ought to put a sign on the National Committee door that says ‘closed for repairs,’ until New Years’ Day next year,” he replied, “and spend that time going over ideas and positive agendas.”

The Fox News host then followed up by asking if other Republican legends were conservative enough to be in today’s GOP.

“Could people like Bob Dole, even Ronald Reagan, could you make it in today’s Republican party?” Wallace asked.

“I doubt it,” Dole replied. “Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly Nixon couldn’t have made it, because he had ideas.”

Wallace then asked Dole what he thought of President Obama.

“Great golfer,” he replied.

You can check out their interview in the video below.

Source: Mediaite


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