Blue Cross NC: No Complete Online Enrollments Yet


North Carolina’s largest insurer has had problems with the Obamacare website which has minimized its number of applicants. In fact, as of Oct. 25, there have been no complete enrollments via the new exchange, CBS Charlotte reports.

Of the 1,000 people who filled out applications via Blue Cross Shield as of October 25, only one was able to successfully use to enroll in the new system.

And that person hasn’t even paid, so it can’t be considered a complete enrollment. Internet emails obtained by WNCN-TV show that the “payment re-direct option” on the government server is not working, preventing applicants to complete their enrollment.

In fact, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina found the entire system to be so filled with glitches that it decided not to upload data to prevent false information from entering the computer system.

BCBS spokesman Lew Borman told WNCN-TV that the “problems with the Exchange have been widely reported.”

“We are getting applications every day,” Borman added. “Enrolling customers requires us to verify their data and collect payment. We’re hopeful that the issues can be resolved quickly so the Exchange will work seamlessly for our customers.”

Glitches and problems with the online Healthcare Exchange have been so heavily reported throughout the country that it prompted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebellius to apologize.

“You deserve better,” Sebelius said before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. “I apologize. I’m accountable to you for fixing these problems.”

Meanwhile, President Obama told a crowd Friday at the Port of New Orleans that he wishes he could fix the glitches himself “but” he added, “ I don’t write code.”

Sources: CBS Charlotte, WNCN-TV, CBS News


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