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Bloomberg Poll Yields Disappointing Results For Its Owner's Presidential Bid

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A recent Bloomberg poll revealed a stark lack of political support for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Bloomberg Politics and Des Moines Register poll showed scant voter support for Bloomberg in Iowa as he weighs an Independent presidential campaign. 

The poll, which was released on Jan. 30, found that 17 percent of Democrats and 9 percent of Republicans in Iowa view Bloomberg favorably, reports The New York Times. 

Half of Republicans likely to attend the Iowa Caucuses did not view Mr. Bloomberg favorably. In addition, 26 percent of Democrats did not view the former mayor favorably. 

Bloomberg may also be suffering from a lack of exposure to voters. According to the poll, roughly 57 percent of Democratic voters and 41 percent of Republican voters did not know enough about Bloomberg to have a formed opinion, Politico reports.

Bloomberg’s approval rating among likely voters stands much lower than other presidential candidates. A total of 50 percent of Republican voters reportedly view leading candidate Donald Trump favorably, The Times notes. Even 46 percent of Democrats view Martin O’Malley favorably, who is far behind his rivals in the Democratic primary race. 

According to the poll, Bloomberg is viewed less favorably than every Democratic and Republican presidential candidate except former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, Politico reports.

The results of the poll were revealed in the ironic setting of a party to raise political support and awareness for Bloomberg at a Marriott hotel. As journalists amassed at the gathering sponsored by Bloomberg, the news of his dismal polling performance broke. 

Following the release of Bloomberg’s poll performance, controversy erupted regarding Bloomberg Politics’ coverage of its owner.

Kathy Kiely, news director of Bloomberg Politics Washington, reportedly resigned on Jan. 27 due to her unease regarding journalists at Bloomberg being restricted in their coverage of Bloomberg. 

Bloomberg Politics acknowledged Bloomberg’s performance in the polls and included an analysis of the polls in its publication. A reminder was sent to Bloomberg staff emphasizing that all stories covering Bloomberg had to be reviewed by a quality control team at the company.

Sources: The New York Times, Politico / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (2)

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