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Bloomberg Blames "International Terrorists" for Times Square Car Bomb

Alhamdulillah (thank God), an act of terrorism with potential of causing significant harm to life and property in New York has been averted. A crude car-bomb was planted in a SUV parked in the bustling New York Times Square. This square is at the heart of New York, and is part of the city that especially never sleeps.

While significant harm has been averted on the ground, our elected leaders continue to harm American interests with premature conclusions. It does seem that they just haven’t learned from history. Amazing, and then not so surprising, that  Mayor George W. Bloomberg is already blaming “international terrorists”, who “hate our freedoms” for the failed act of terrorism. Of course he cannot already know who is behind the plot, but as the security expert stated, this line appears to take a pretty much no-regrets position, with politicians using it for their “own political advantage to accuse the Islamic militants even if it turned out that they have nothing to do with it”.

The plot, Bloomberg admits, was “amateurish” as has been every “plot” thus far in America, thank God. Why Bloomberg thinks that well-trained “international terrorists” could be amateurish escapes me; rather, such plots may point more to local extremists, who could be either the J-types or could be the white-supremacist-types.

More than a year ago, the Department of Homeland security warned about a rise in “rightwing extremist activity”, especially under tough economic times. With a non-white in the Presidential seat, one can only imagine white supremacist anger at this time. So why should that possibility be immediately excluded, Mr. Bloomberg? In fact, if there is anyone who hates our freedoms, it is the white supremacists who hate non-whites’ freedom!

Of course, the entire premise of “our freedoms” being a cause (let alone primary cause) for terrorism is entirely bogus. Most j-types don’t really care for our “freedoms”; a lot of them actually had and left these “freedoms” on their own accord. Rather, their hate is driven by America’s foreign policies. Of course, Bloomberg won’t say that, because that indirectly makes Israel complicit. As the military chiefs have finally come out said it, Israel’s policies are indeed one of the biggest factors for anti-Americanism.

So, if it is indeed “international terrorists”, Mr. W-wannabe, it is not for freedoms, but rather for our policies and the policies of Israel. Not that this fact excuses the terrorists for their treachery, but lets at least get the causes right, so we can do something about the consequences.

We hope and pray of course that no Muslims were involved. If they were, then let’s brace for another media pounding, with cheer-leading provided by the Islamophobic right-wingers, the ziocons & the neocons. In any case, Muslim organizations should assume the worst-case scenario, and start preparing for a response.


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