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Blogger Who Uncovered Steve Scalise's White Nationalist Ties Has His Internet Lines Cut

Lamar White Jr., a Southern Methodist University law student residing in Dallas, Texas, woke up earlier this month and discovered his Internet connection wasn’t working. He quickly found the Internet lines to his home had been cut, and the motives might have been political.

Last month, White discovered that the third-most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, was a featured speaker at a white nationalist conference that was put on by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. 

White published his findings on his personal blog, and the scandal immediately made shockwaves in Washington.

According to The Daily Dot, Scalise has retained his leadership position, and White said he personally didn’t receive very much hostility for the revelation.

Still, it was jarring when a cable worker came to inspect White’s Internet connection and asked, “Do you have any enemies?”

"I don't have any scorned ex-girlfriends," White replied, laughing. "Everyone I know in Dallas seems to like me."

"[The cable guy] said that whatever had happened to me was the result of someone invading my backyard and using a power tool to cut the line," White said. "There's no conceivable way this could have happened on its own or been done by an animal. It wasn't just that they cut it; they also tugged at the line [after it was severed].”

White doesn’t believe anyone in Scalise’s office carried out the act of vandalism. "I respect the folks that have spoken out in his favor," he said. "I think he has a lot of explaining to do. But I absolutely, unequivocally, do not think that he is in any way connected."

"This just shows you the nastiness of some of the people who are associated with the white nationalist movement," White added. 

White, who hails from Louisiana, the state Scalise represents, has since upgraded his security measures. He’s replaced the security equipment on his house, changed his passwords and enabled two-factor authentication on all of his online accounts.

Still, he’s not afraid. "It might not be the Klan or the white nationalists," he said. "It could just be a random person who found my address and didn't like what I was posting. I understand my address is public record. If someone wants to find where you live, they can find where you live, no matter who you are. I'm really not intimidated by that.”

Source: Daily Dot / Image via Huffington Post


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