Blasting Republican "Hate Speech ... Pettiness And Bigotry," Texas Judge Carlo Key Switches Parties, Will Run As Democrat In 2014

Saying that he “cannot tolerate a political party that demeans Texans based on their sexual orientation, the color of their skin or their economic status,” a Republican judge in Bexar County, Texas, announced that he’s making the switch to the Democratic ticket.

County Judge Carlo Key was elected in 2010 when Republicans across the country swept into office on a tide of Tea Party-inspired outrage. But Key will run for reelection next year as a Democrat.

A 38-year-old 2002 Baylor Law School grad, Key (pictured) follows Therese Huntziger, a prominent Bexar County lawyer planning a run for district attorney next year, in making the party switch. Two more Bexar County Republican judges may soon follow suit,  according to the county’s Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina.

Key said that he believes he did not leave the party, the party left him.

“Rational Republican beliefs have given way to ideological character assassinations. Pragmatism and principal have been overtaken by pettiness and bigotry,” he said, in a recorded advertisement.

See Key state his reasons for the switch in full, below.

Key also held a press conference on the Bexar County Courthouse steps. At that press conference, he gave more detail on his reasons for his switch.

“I cannot tolerate a political party in which hate speech elevates a candidate to higher office rather than disqualifies them,” Key said. “I cannot condone a party which values ideological purity over devotion to rule of law.”

Bexar County Republican Chairman Robert Stovall shrugged off Key’s defection.

“The American public as a whole is frustrated with a lack of leadership, and it's pure deadlock,” Stovall said. “(U.S. Sen. Ted) Cruz is doing an excellent job trying to take control, so we've got some good, solid leadership, but it's obvious that the American public is frustrated.”

SOURCES: Progressive Populist, San Antonio Express-News


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