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Black Hawk Helicopter Deployed To U.S.-Mexico Border

People living near the U.S. border with Mexico might see something an unusual in the skies by June 19. Customs and Border Protection have requested two Black Hawk helicopters after one of its helicopters was shot at from the Mexican side of the border on June 12.

Though no one was harmed in the incident, the helicopter was struck and the pilot would have been hit if it weren’t for a bulletproof vest laying on the floor. “Our helicopter actually landed in Laredo (Texas) and there were no injuries," the U.S. Customs and Border Protection told CNN.

The FBI said the helicopter was hit during an operation near the Rio Grande in Laredo, a popular spot for immigrants to illegally cross the border.

"The rounds penetrated and damaged the aircraft, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing," the FBI statement said. "The pilot sustained no injuries and no individuals on the ground were affected.”

The new Black Hawk helicopters are intended to protect border patrol agents. "These are not the same Black Hawk these Black Hawks are going to have protection, armor, I don't want our men and women of C.B.P. to be at any risk,” Rep. Henry Cuellar told KGNS. He added that the length of the helicopters’ stay will depend on the types of threats agents face.

Sources: International Business Times, CNN, KGNS

Image via Ryan Lackey/Flickr


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