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'Get Him The Hell Out Of Here': Black Lives Matter Protester Kicked, Punched At Donald Trump Rally (Video)


A Black Lives Matter protester was kicked and punched at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama (video below).

The protester reportedly interrupted Trump during a speech in Birmingham, Alabama, on Nov. 21 — prompting Trump to instruct security to “get him the hell out of here.” 

Six Trump supporters were caught on video appearing to shove and kick the protester, with at least one supporter punching him. Trump supporters were heard shouting “all lives matter” as the protester was escorted out. 

In total, Birmingham police said, three individuals were removed from the rally, according to CNN. No one was arrested.

Trump also sparked controversy with the remarks he made during his speech at that rally.

"I want surveillance of certain mosques if that's OK," Trump said. "We've had it before."

Sources: CNN, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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