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'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrators Protest At Jeb Bush's Rally (Video)

"Black Lives Matter" protesters demonstrated at a town hall that was held for Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush in Las Vegas on Wednesday night (video below).

After answering a question about racial tensions, Bush ended his town hall abruptly and headed for an exit while protesters yelled, “Black lives matter!” notes the Los Angeles Times.

In response, some Bush supporters shouted back, “All lives matter!” and “White lives matter!”

Netroots Nation, an activist group, wrote on its Facebook page:

This is what solidarity looks like. #‎BlackLivesMatter shut down a Jeb Bush presidential town hall in Las Vegas. Standing alongside them: Planned Parenthood, teachers, undocumented people, immigrants, children, women, men, the trans community, and some from the white community.

However, it's not clear if the protesters actually shut down the event.

The Los Angeles Times reports that two "Black Lives Matter" protesters were escorted out of the town hall after interrupting Bush at the beginning of the event.

Bush's campaign claimed that he met with some "Black Lives Matter" reps earlier on Wednesday to discuss their grievances.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Facebook / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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