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Black Bishop Urges Blacks to Oppose Obama, Join Tea Party Movement

NASHVILLE, TN -- In a rousing prayer session, led by Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America, Bishop Jackson spoke briefly and prayed for Tea Party conventioneers last night. During his remarks, the bishop declared, "I have not found Nazis here or racists here. I have found Americans who love their country and are prepared to stand up for the values we believe in."

Jackson added, "We do not care that Obama is black, we just want him to be red, white and blue."

Bishop E.W. Jackson is President of STAND -- Staying True to America's National Destiny. In addition to speaking last night, he will be joining Dr. Scarborough for a break out session on Saturday morning to help organize pastors to advance Christian values in the public square.

Says Jackson, "I am one of the most blessed people on earth to have been born a citizen of the United States of America. My forefather paid the price of slavery for me to be here, and I love this country. I do not like what President Obama is doing to it. The Tea Party offers tremendous hope of voting out the people who are taking this country in an unconstitutional and ungodly direction. I support them wholeheartedly and urge black Christians and all black Americans who hold Judeo-Christian values to join with them."

Bishop Jackson and Dr. Scarborugh are working to bring people together across racial and cultural lines, as Jackson puts it, "To stand up for the values which made this nation great."


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