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Birthers Still Holding Out Hope that Obama will be Exposed Before Inauguration

President Barack Obama's inauguration is on January 21, and there are still people who believe he could be proven to be born in a different country before he takes office again. 

According to Salon, Eldon Bell, a retired Air Force officer, said that the inauguration is a mistake, and "those who permit it to happen will have to live with their own consciences."

He said he would not watch the inauguration because he doesn't "pay attention to illegitmate things." 

Bell and others like him believe Obama was born in a foreign country or is ineligible to be president for other reasons. They also are expecting a court to believe in one of their theories eventually, though, after 100 court cases, no one has yet to do so. 

Cliff Kincaid runs America's Survival, which is a site dedicated to online groups who fear socialism and liberals. Kincaid said everyone seems to be blind to the truth about Obama. 

"The Republicans seem not to realize that Obama is a Marxist who wages class warfare and could not qualify for a sensitive government position based on his associates and his character," Kincaid said. 

Rev. Clenard Childress of New Jersey agrees with Kincaid, saying Obama is a "man very deep into an ideology that is not American." Childress believes it's 50/50 whether Obama was born here. 


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