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Birmingham Man Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Obama Death Threat

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Alabama man, Jarvis Britton, was sentenced to one year in prison Thursday after threatening to kill the president last year on Twitter.

Britton tweeted: "Let's kill the president. F.E.A.R.”

Britton, 26, has already spent nine months in prison and will spend another three behind bars before being released on probation for three years under the surveillance of the U.S. Probation Office.

U.S. District Court Judge Lynwood Smith finalized Briton’s sentence — a judge appointed by former President Bill Clinton.

Britton pleaded guilty to the charge in March following several requests from the Secret Service to end his threatening tweets directed at the president.

One tweet questioned the credibility of free speech, tweeting: "Free speech? Really? Let's test this! Let's kill the president.” Britton added that Obama should be killed slowly with cyanide.

During the court hearing, Britton acknowledged that what he did was wrong and apologized and promised to put the matter behind him. The statement is contradictory to what he admitted in February and said that he had actually threatened the Syrian president.

Britton has been taking drugs for bipolar disorder, though a judge ruled he was competent enough to stand trial.

Sources: Newser, All Alabama


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