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Bills to Protect Gun Rights of Employees in Alabama

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The 2012 session of the Alabama Legislature is underway and two bills have been introduced that would further protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners in Alabama: Senate Bill 331 and House Bill 209.  These NRA-drafted bills would prevent employers from discriminating and enforcing policies against the storage of lawfully-owned firearms in employees' locked private motor vehicles parked at work. 

SB 331, introduced by state Senator Paul Sanford (R-7), would recognize that hard-working Alabama citizen's right to self-defense does not end when they drive onto their employer’s property or into publicly accessible parking lots.  It will allow firearms to be stored out of sight in a locked vehicle.  This bill has been referred to the state Senate Business and Labor Committee and could be heard as early as Thursday, March 8.

Introduced by state Representative Craig Ford (D-28), HB 209 is a Firearm Discrimination Prevention bill that would protect law-abiding gun owners from anti-gun policies by employers across the state, including forced firearm registration, random vehicle firearm searches, and “gun zone” parking lots for gun owning employees.  HB 209 has been assigned to the state House Committee on Commerce and Small Business and is expected to be heard there in the coming weeks.


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