Bill O'Reilly Accuses Media of Covering Up Violence in Black Communities (Video)


TV host and political commentator Bill O’Reilly criticized the liberal media this week for 'covering up' criminal evils in black communities, and referred to the lack of coverage as a conspiracy.

"The horrendous black-on-black murder rate is virtually ignored by the press," O’Reilly said. "The reason is that any exposition of violence in the black community is bad for business.”

O’Reilly accused minister and civil rights activist Al Sharpton of being a part of the media’s agenda.

He added that liberal media outlets would rather blame the white power structure and look the other way than confront the facts. He then accused politically correct networks of granting immunity to minorities, who are never viewed with skepticism.

O’Reilly followed with an FBI statistic regarding homicides committed against the black community with 91 percent executed by other black members.

Rush Limbaugh also commented on the media “conspiracy” during his Monday radio show and criticized mainstream news for pushing a liberal political agenda.

“All these crimes where black thugs kill or beat up white people that don't get reported — why?” Limbaugh asked. “You know it as well as I do. It exposes [liberalism] for the fraudulent existence that it has.”

He added that major news outlets like CNN and MSNBC sought to limit individual liberties and freedoms.

Sources: Mediaite, The Huffington Post


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