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Bill Maher Says Some in U.S. Army are 'Psychopaths' (Video)

On Friday's 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' the acidic host welcomed war journalist Sebastian Junger to his HBO show (video below).

"The soldiers aren’t psychopaths, they don’t miss killing, they don’t miss getting killed, but what they miss is that sense of meaning and the bond," said Junger, who has written two bestselling books on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, reports

“Well, some of them are psychopaths. I mean, let’s be honest. Some people join the Army because it’s the one place where you can kill people for free. Where you’re not charged with murder," replied Maher.  “I’m not saying that’s the main component of it, but I mean that is some attraction.”

Junger countered with: "There are probably psychopaths in every population. But the guys that I knew out there actually were, they were incredibly aware of the Afghans because they knew if they alienated the local population they would be in more danger. And they were really, really careful, actually."

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