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Bill Maher Goes After Libertarianism on ‘Real Time’ (Video)

With Libertarianism beginning to get an increased amount of media coverage over the past few weeks, comedian Bill Maher decided to tackle the ideology and its growing popularity during his “New Rule” segment on this week’s Real Time.

Insisting that he at one point identified with Libertarians, Maher noted that the philosophy had been corrupted and ruined by people obsessed with Ayn Rand. He essentially reiterated what many Libertarians have been saying ever since Rand Paul became the right’s newest star: that while true Libertarianism has many appealing qualities, the conservative Republicans currently masquerading as something other than that (like Paul) do little more than muddy up people’s understanding of what Libertarianism truly is.

"To everyone who keeps trying to shame me about abandoning my Libertarian moorings, my message is this: I didn't go nuts, this movement did. Like when you see a stop light, your reaction should be 'Great, an easy way to ensure we don't all crash into each other,' not, 'How dare the government tell me when I can and cannot go," he said.

You can check out Maher’s entire rant in the video below.

Sources: Huffington Post, Inquisitr


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