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TV Host Garners Criticism For Ivanka Trump Incest Joke

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Comedian Bill Maher garnered criticism for a joke made about Ivanka Trump that many felt was crude and tasteless.

On his HBO show, "Real Time with Bill Maher," the host was speaking with New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman about President Donald Trump when the conversation turned to the president's daughter.

"What do you make of Ivanka and her efforts to sort of humanize her father?" Maher asked. "We see all this misogyny at Fox News. We see it in Donald Trump himself. A lot of us thought, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace."

Maher then mimicked a sex act to suggest that Ivanka was performing one on her father.

"When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and -- ‘Daddy, Daddy… Don’t do it, Daddy,'" he said. 

Many readers expressed outrage over the comments, with some even dismissing Maher as doing anything he can to stay in the limelight.

"He's a no-talent hack trying to be relevant.  I'd say he'd be outraged if I made the same joke about HIS daughter but I doubt that he'd have the guts to say anything to my face.  He's a pathetic little nothing!" one HeatStreet reader commented.

"I would not expect anything else from him...He's poor excuse of a human being and always will be...this was a stunt to out do the OTHER late night host," another wrote.

"Apparently there's no outcry from the left when one of their own perverts made a lewd comment about Ivanka Trump but when a similar comment was made by Jessie Watters he has to take an unscheduled vacation from Fox News," another added. "This proves there's a double standard when lunatic left wing nut liberal progressives makes a misogynistic comment and we only hear crickets. Bill Maher famously had a thrill up his leg after Barry Soetoro was elected in 2008. It's time for Home Box Office to fire this piece of garbage."

Meanwhile, the founder of non-profit organization Girls Who Code slammed Ivanka for telling her story in her new book, "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success."

Reshma Saunjani criticized Ivanka on Twitter for using her story in the book.

"Don't use my story in #WomenWhoWork unless you are going to stop being #complicit," Saunjani tweeted, People Politics reported.

Ivanka described the book in a piece on her website:

"Women Who Work will equip you with the best skills I’ve learned from some of the amazing people I’ve met, on subjects such as identifying opportunities, shifting careers smoothly, negotiating, leading teams, starting companies, managing work and family, and helping change the system to make it better for women-now and in the future."

Sources: HeatStreet, People Politics / Photo credit: Voice Of America via Wikimedia Commons

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