Bill Defends His Wife: Hillary Suffered No Lasting Damage from Her December 2012 Fall


WASHINGTON – When Hillary Clinton fell and hit her head in December 2012, several prominent conservatives suggested she had faked the injury.

Clinton’s fall and the concussion she allegedly suffered came before she was supposed to testify before Congress on the attack in Benghazi, Libya; several critics drew the conclusion that she had faked the injury to avoid testifying.

The fall happened near the end of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

Republican strategist Karl Rove was reportedly amongst those who suggested that Clinton was hurt much more seriously than she publically announced – in fact, he went so far as to claim that Clinton might have brain damage.

A mix of Democrats and Republicans alike have protested that Rove’s comments were out of bounds, and that their only purpose was to give rise to unfounded rumors about her health leading up to a possible 2016 presidential campaign.

On Tuesday, Rove reacted to a newspaper headline that read “Karl Rove: Hillary may have brain damage.” Rove denied ever having made such a comment, saying, “Of course she doesn’t have brain damage.”

Fortunately, both Clinton’s doctors and her husband have been by her side to put rumors of Hillary’s poor health to rest.

Clinton’s doctors have said that she suffered a blood clot; because the blood clot did not become a stroke, she suffered no neurological damage from the fall.

And, as Bill Clinton said in response to Rove’s comments, “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

“First they say she faked her concussion; now they say she’s auditioning for a part on ‘The Walking Dead’!” the former president added.

On Wednesday, Clinton said that although his wife has suffered “a terrible concussion” from which it took six months to recover, she is now fine.

“There’s nothing to it,” he said. “She’s quicker than I am.”


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