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Bill Clinton Says Chelsea Would Make a Good President (Video)

Bill Clinton told CNN’s Piers Morgan that while Hillary Clinton would make a great president, his daughter Chelsea would be the best candidate in the long run.

“Day after tomorrow, my wife, because she’s had more experience,” Clinton said when asked who the best choice would be. “Over the long run, Chelsea. She knows more than we do about everything.”

Clinton bragged that his daughter often knows more than he and his wife combined, noting that it feels like a school lesson every time they hold a conversation.

Chelsea Clinton shook her head in the audience as her father bragged.

Morgan then proceeded to comment on Hilary Clinton, saying she looked fantastic and dynamic when they had last met.

“It just screamed to me one thing: ‘I’m running,’” Morgan said. “Can you put us all out of our misery?”

While Clinton declined to fulfill Morgan’s request, he noted that Hillary’s vigor should suggest something else: that real life is a healthier existence than politics.

In an interview with CNN in August, Chelsea Clinton said she would be open to running for political office in the future. She noted that if her elected officials were no longer competent and she believed she could make a greater difference, she would enter the public sector.

Sources: The Washington Post, USA Today


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