Bill Clinton: Clinton Foundation Controversy A Political Attack

In a new interview, former President Bill Clinton defended his family’s name and charitable foundation in the wake of increasingly negative headlines and scandal.

During the interview with NBC News's "Today" show that aired Monday morning, the former President defended his wife, Hillary, and daughter, Chelsea, from the continuing questions about their alleged mishandling of the foundation.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy. That just hasn’t happened,” Mr Clinton said.

The Clinton Family Foundation has been heavily scrutinized over the last few weeks, especially concerning donations from foreign governments while Mrs Clinton was Secretary of State. It is purported that some of these governments had programs or financial interests under Mrs Clinton's jurisdiction at that time, CNN reports. Many accusations were also written in the new book “Clinton Cash,” authored by conservative pundit Peter Schweizer.

Mr Clinton also believes that outside forces are looking to harm his wife’s ambitions to win the presidency. He believes that there is a “very concerted effort to bring the foundation down,” because the Clinton family is looking to enter the political scene again, The Washington Post reported.

When asked about the donations he has received and declined, Mr Clinton said, “Since I turned it down, I don’t need to talk about it,” CNN reported.

Mr Clinton rather promoted his foundation’s accomplishments.

“There has never been anything like the Clinton Global Initiative, where you’ve raised over $100 billion worth of stuff that helped 43 million people in 180 countries,” Mr Clinton said, referring to programs that have helped children in Kenya receive an adequate education.

Despite the accomplishments, Mrs Clinton’s second bid for the White House is bearing the brunt of the attacks on the foundation. Her potential Republican opponents have used the situation to question Mrs Clinton’s ethics and trust.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina stated in a Monday interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" that Clinton “clearly is not trustworthy” and that the former Secretary of State “has not been transparent about a whole set of things that matter.”

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Sources: CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News

Photo Credit: The Weekly Standard, nbcnews.com


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