Bill Clinton Caught Sneaking A Peak At A Woman's Chest


Former President Bill Clinton isn’t known for having a less than average sexual appetite in the past, and a recent selfie snapped by a woman standing next to him certainly proves that to still be the case.

In the picture, which was first posted to Reddit, Clinton is seen next to a brunette woman as she takes a selfie. He seems to be unaware that she is taking the picture because his eyes aren’t looking towards the phone – they are looking directly down at her chest.

The picture clearly shows 68-year-old Clinton staring down at the woman’s cleavage, either not realizing that the moment is being documented or just totally not caring. Regardless, the moment doesn’t seem to shock anybody, and after being posted on Reddit, people seemed to have mixed reactions.

“Oh Bill…never change,” one commenter said.

“I like how Clinton has become the nation's lovable horndog,” said another unsurprised commenter. “Just Clinton looking at boobs again. Oh you.”

Others seemed to think the woman was asking for it.

“Because a low cut shirt isn't asking for someone to look at your tits,” one user suggested, to which someone responded, “Victim blamer!”

Take a look at Clinton’s latest public party foul that’s now gone viral.

Sources:Daily Mail, Daily Dot / Photo Sources: Imgur, Wikimedia Commons


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