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Bill Ayers Says Obama Should Be Tried for War Crimes

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Bill Ayers, leader of the radical left group Weather Underground and one time supporter of President Obama, said he now thinks Obama should be put on trial for drone involvement.

The now University of Illinois professor said Obama’s involvement with the U.S. drone program and other war crimes made him little more admirable than the previous presidents. He added that Obama had committed terrorist actions.

"Every one of them goes into office, an office dropping with blood and then adds to it," Ayers said. "And yes, I think that these are war crimes. I think they're acts of terror." 

While he condemned Obama for his policies, giving his presidency a failing grade, Ayers said he still has a favorable opinion of the president himself.

“I like him personally,” he added. “I mean, he’s a really good guy.”

Obama distanced himself from Ayers during the 2008 presidential campaign after conservatives tied Obama to the extreme ideology of Weather Underground, vowing that the two were never close. During the Vietnam war, the group carried out a series of bombings against U.S. government buildings in an attempt to overthrow the government.

Ayers and Obama also shared the same South Side Chicago neighborhood and served together on a charitable board.

Sources: Fox News, The Washington Post


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