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Bikers Offer Trump Protection At Upcoming Phoenix Rally (Photos)

Bikers Offer Trump Protection At Upcoming Phoenix Rally (Photos) Promo Image

A group of bikers have offered protection for President Donald Trump and his supporters at an upcoming campaign rally on Aug. 23 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bikers for Trump Arizona said that they will publicly patrol the rally in order to ensure that Trump supporters will be able to hear the president safely, KPHO reports.

"We don't want anybody hurt, we don't anybody intimidated or anybody to stay away from the rally because they're afraid there's going to be some violence showing up," said Jim Williams, member of Bikers for Trump Arizona.

Trump's campaign rally comes less than two weeks after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent, killing one and injuring many more. The president's response, in which he said "both sides" were responsible for the violence, sparked even more anti-Trump protests across the country.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has already expressed his reservations about Trump's visit, saying that he believes the rally should be postponed given the national climate.

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"We don't want to cancel the presidential visit overall, but a delay would be the appropriate action by the White House," he said at a news conference Aug. 22, according to NPR. 

Trump will be hosting a series of campaign-style rallies across the U.S.-Mexico border over the next few days. After Phoenix, he will be traveling first to a Marine Corps base in Yuma, Arizona, and then to Reno, Nevada. 

Heavy police presence is expected around the Phoenix Convention Center, where tens of thousands of people are expected to show up to either support or protest Trump. 

"[It] will be a difficult and trying day for our city and for the law enforcement professionals whose job it is to keep everyone safe," said Stanton.

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Bikers for Trump Arizona hopes that they can make law enforcement's job a little easier by providing extra protection. Williams hopes that a couple hundred bikers will show up before the rally to patrol the area. While he expects some tense exchanges with Trump protesters, he's confident that the bikers will be able to control themselves and ensure that things don't turn violent.

"You've got people wanting to come down and stir these people up and shake them up," Williams told KPHO. "We keep our people in line, make sure they don't start anything, they don't go and start or provoke anything and we've never really had any problem with that."

Williams welcomes protesters and their right to express their freedom of speech as long as it remains civil and nonviolent.

"What you don't have a right to do is to harm people, intimidate people throw rocks and bottles and stuff," he said.

Sources: KPHO, NPR / Featured Image: Peachy Weasel/Flickr / Embedded Images: Oath Keepers/Twitter, Jack Posobiec/Twitter

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