The Biggest Lies Told About Obamacare by Fox News, Republicans, Conservatives


As Congressional Republicans try to defund and delay Obamacare, even by stopping funding of the U.S. government, conservatives in the media have tried for years to stop the health care law, which was signed back on March 23, 2010.

Many of the efforts of Republicans, conservative front groups and Tea Partiers have been outright lies, as noted by

The biggest lie about Obamacare was Sarah Palin's "lie of the year" back in 2009, before Obamacare was even law, when she falsely claimed there were "death panels," noted Palin and others are still repeating that lie as the deadline for the individual mandate approaches on Oct. 1.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin claimed on Sep. 25 that Obamacare was a "cancer" and "a top-down, iron-fisted, Soviet-style program," even though the Russia and the pre-1996 Soviet Union has never had private insurance companies as the U.S. has for decades.

Another whopper was told by Rush Limbaugh in 2012 when he claimed, "Obamacare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world," noted  This claim, like many of Limbaugh's declarations, was debunked by also debunked Rep. Jeff Landry (R-Pa.) who falsely claimed in 2012: "This is the largest tax increase on the poor and the middle class in the history of this country," noted the Washington Examiner.

On Sep. 24, "Fox and Friends" co-host Elizabeth Hasslebeck falsely claimed that Obamacare  is "hitting the men" and "sticking it to men." She was referring to a premium estimate that claimed men's premiums will increase because of Obamacare.

In reality, Obamacare doesn't set any premium levels. Those have always been and will continue to be set by the insurance companies. Obamacare actually bans the practice of gender rating.

According to

Comparing apples to apples is virtually impossible.  The first thing to understand is that policies that will be sold to individuals and small businesses in online marketplaces are brand new and must cover a range of essential benefits that were not always covered in the past. That includes prescription drugs, hospitalization and maternity coverage. Consumers cannot be turned away or charged more because of health problems, as they can now in most states. 

Betsy McCaughey, who has been fighting health care reform since Bill Clinton was President, tried to scare people in a New York Post op-ed on Sept. 15 that Obamacare will "turn doctors into government agents" and make them ask "intrusive" questions about sex.

McCaughey was parroted by "Fox & Friends First" co-host Ainsley Earhardt on Sept. 17: "Thanks to Obamacare, doctors will be forced to ask patients about their sex life, even if it has nothing to do with the medical treatment that they are seeking at the time."

What neither McCaughey or Earhardt mentioned is that doctors (good ones) have been asking about patients' sex lives for decades as part of a normal health history, which is not some unseemly pornographic exercise as they suggest, but rather good medicine.

The Centers For Disease Control states that questions about sexual activity are "an important part of a regular medical exam or physical history" and adds "[a] sexual history needs to be taken during a patient's initial visit, during routine preventive exams, and when you see signs of sexually transmitted diseases [STDs]."

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