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Biden: 'No Path' For Trump If Clinton Wins Florida

Vice President Joe Biden has urged Florida voters to reject GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, asserting that the business mogul needs to win their state in order to have a shot at the White House.

On Nov. 2, Biden campaigned on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Tampa Bay, Florida. Referencing the 2005 audiotape featuring Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without consent, Biden stated that the business mogul doesn’t deserve to win, The Washington Times reports.

“A guy who said what he said to Billy Bush that because he’s famous, because he is wealthy, he has the right … to commit sexual assault?” Biden said. “Because that is the definition of assault.”

Biden concluded that Trump “doesn’t deserve to be president by any count.”

The vice president added that Florida was the state that could end Trump’s path to the White House.

“It gets down to Florida, Florida, Florida,” Biden said. “It’s going to be decided [by Florida]. You guys win Florida, it’s just done, over, there’s no path for him.”

While Clinton had been enjoying a steady lead in Florida throughout the fall season, the polls have tightened considerably in the past week.

Aggregating the last seven state polls released since Oct. 26, Real Clear Politics found that Trump leads the Sunshine State by 1 percentage point.

Florida is considered a must-win for the business mogul. Clinton is expected to amass 242 electoral votes by winning all of the states that have voted Democrat since 1992, meaning that Florida’s 29 electoral votes would push her past the 271-vote threshold and clinch the presidency, The Washington Post reports.

Even if Trump takes the Sunshine State, his path to defeating Clinton would still be perilously tight.

The business mogul is considered a sure bet to amass 180 electoral votes. The four pivotal battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Utah combined only account for 64 electoral votes. If Trump won all four key toss-up states, he would still need to upset Clinton in one or two of the states that are considered firmly in her corner.

It appears that the GOP nominee is aware of this. During the final week of the election, Trump has been campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin, two states that are polling in Clinton’s favor. If Trump could turn either of these states around by election night, it could swing the entire presidential race, according to FiveThirtyEight.

That is only if Trump wins Florida. If Clinton takes the Sunshine State, then Trump will reportedly have no path to victory.

Sources: FiveThirtyEight, Real Clear PoliticsThe Washington PostThe Washington Times / Photo credit: DoD News/Flickr

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