Obama Taking His Cues on Gay Marriage from Hollywood?


On Friday, one of the most liberal states in America killed a bill to legalize same-sex "marriage." That doesn't seem to register with a small group from Hollywood, who can't see past their agenda to the political reality: that counterfeit marriage is a losing issue.

Some celebrities are still pushing the President to publicly endorse same-sex "marriage," despite some bruising losses on the state front. "Say, 'I do,' Mr. President," they wrote in a letter. The actors praised his decision to abandon the federal marriage law in court, and said that move calls for "clarity" on the marriage question. Of course, it's easy to understand the confusion. This White House has done everything it can to promote homosexual "marriage"--short of announcing its support. And the only reason the President hesitates to do so is the same reason the cosponsors of Maryland's bill walked away. Endorsing same-sex "marriage" is political suicide. It puts you on the wrong side of an overwhelming number of American voters.

That's one reason why the Republican leadership is fighting to save the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Speaker Boehner has already ordered the House to take over the DOMA litigation. Now freshman Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) is making a great first impression by offering H. Con. Res. 25, which will give the House an opportunity to go on the record condemning the President's decision on DOMA and demanding the Justice Department resume its defense of DOMA in court. So far, her resolution has 81 cosponsors.

Check this list to see if your member is one of them. If they are, call and thank them! If they aren't, call and prod them. Also, make sure you stop by FRC's petition and sign up to stand up for marriage!


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