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Betsy DeVos Leaves DC School Because Of Protesters (Video)

President Donald Trump's newly-confirmed Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, was met by a small group of protesters at a public school in Washington D.C. on Feb. 10 (video below).

The protest happened outside an entrance to Jefferson Middle School Academy, reports WJLA, where one demonstrator yelled "She doesn't represent anything that they stand for!" and another shouted: "Giving money to senators and buying your way into the position, you should be so proud of yourself!"

The protest was reportedly organized by the Washington Teacher's Union.

DeVos and an unidentified man walked back to a waiting town car, which was blocked on its way out by a protester.

WAMU reports that DeVos eventually did make it inside the school, where she talked with teachers and D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson.

After her visit, DeVos told the media: "It was really wonderful to visit this school, and I look forward to many visits of many great public schools both in D.C. and across the country."

DeVos also released a written statement: "I respect peaceful protest, and I will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the Department of Education. No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation’s school children."

Mother Jones notes that DeVos once argued for a "retire [and] replace" approach to Detroit's public school system while promoting charter schools, including private and Christian schools.

In 2001, she stated: "There are not enough philanthropic dollars in America to fund what is currently the need in education ... Our desire is to confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God's kingdom."

Her husband Dick DeVos added: "As we look at many communities in our country, the church has been displaced by the public school as the center for activity ... [I]t is certainly our hope that more and more churches will get more and more active and engaged in education."

Sources: WJLAWAMU, Mother Jones / Photo Credit:

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