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The Best And Worst State Fiscal Conditions Go To...

The fiscal condition of all 50 states has been studied, and the best and worst have been decided upon.

The state with the worst fiscal condition is New Jersey.  


Revenue shortfalls, budget practices, and high levels of debt are causing the state to come in dead last on the list, reports The Blaze.

Other states rounding out the bottom of the list are California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Connecticut.

On a more positive note, the healthiest states in the report are Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Their success stems from the domestic energy boom each state is experiencing, reports CNBC.

The study was released by The Mercatus Center at George Mason University. One of the center's key backers is the Koch family, and conservative financier Charles Koch is on the center's board of directors.

The author of the study is Stacy Arnett, an analyst at the Government Accountability Office, who worked on the study outside of her GAO work.

The complete report may be viewed here.

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